My latest release

Sci-fi dystopia based in Austin, TX…

The State is the complete collection of all three books in The State trilogy, a set of action-packed sci-fi dystopian novellas. The resistance fights the state on every hand, trying to gain a foothold against their military might. Kara meets up with Matt, her childhood friend. For several years, he’s been indoctrinated by the state. Kara must work to turn him back while fighting to stop the force that captured him so long ago.

You can purchase The State on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, and Inktera.

It is also available in three different parts. The first book is free.

New releases!

New fantasy novel!

Blood for Blood: The Vengeance War the complete trilogy collection of Blood for Blood, an epic fantasy adventure. Prince Hakon struggles to bring two warring kingdoms to peace, while fighting an inner battle to live up to the expectations of two different ancestries. He and his sister Kara race to bring opposing nations together before everything they know is destroyed.

You can purchase Blood for Blood: The Vengeance War (the complete trilogy) on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, and Inktera. It is also available in three different parts. The first book is free.

New non-sci-fi/fantasy book!

Lessons for a Tara Dactyl is my distilled worldly knowledge, written down for my daughter, Tara Dactyl. It pains me that the entirety of my knowledge fits in less than 50 pages. This book is not plot-driven; it’s a reference.

You can get Lessons for a Tara Dactyl for free on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, KoboScribd, and Inktera.

Another new non-sci-fi/fantasy book!

Pick a Game! is a fun book I wrote on voting systems with Ethan Daum. The premise is that you need to choose a board game to play, so we tell you how to do it. This book is not plot-driven; it’s a reference.

You can get Pick a Game! for free on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, KoboScribd, and Inktera.

Self-Pub Reviews! – And They Called Her Spider

And They Called Her Spider is short. Very short. 57 pages short.

But I think that is partly why it’s so successful. The characterization is spot on in a very short space. The time it takes other authors to introduce their characters instead encompasses the entire plot of this novella.

It’s a mystery steampunk, in which you cannot possibly solve the mystery, so you sit back to watch the story unfold. If you’re in to understanding clues and putting the pieces together, this might not be the book for you. If you’re in to steampunk, then you’ll probably enjoy this book. And if you just like well-written stories, give this book a try.

I only found one typo, and the author was very gracious when I messaged him about it, so I bet it’s already fixed.

And the story is currently free on Amazon, to boot.

5 stars. Thanks for the fun read, Michael Coorlim.

Fantasy Jeopardy

I started a new subreddit this week, called r/fantasyjeopardy.

In Fantasy Jeopardy, you’re given the answer, and you must ask the question.

Whoever has the most upvotes at the end of the week wins! (Right now, you win the respect of your peers, but if it gets big enough, maybe some established authors will donate a free e-book to the weekly winner).

Be sure to subscribe so you get the newest posts in your feed.

And share with your friends!

Choose your path…

In the vein of the Choose Your Own Adventure series that I read as a child, I wrote up a little story where you make the decisions.

You start as a Lion Talker, with your trusty lion at your side. You need to hunt food, but it’s a dangerous world. You could reach a happy ending in as few as three decisions, or you could find yourself on the wrong side of an attacking wild animal.

Start your adventure here… if you dare.

And be sure to come back and comment on how you did.

Choose your path.

Fantasy Book Give-Away (e-mail signup required)

Short story: Join my sci-fi/fantasy book e-mail list for a chance to win a free copy of The Name of the Wind, or The Wise Man’s Fear, each signed by Patrick Rothfuss. Here’s the link to join:

Long story: I went to see Patrick Rothfuss at BookPeople (Austin, TX) on Monday night. I didn’t know what to expect, since I’ve never gone to a reading or author signing before. Molly and I bought his books, and a copy for a friend, sat down, and waited. We were not prepared for how awesome Patrick Rothfuss is.

I mean, obviously he’s awesome, right? He wrote two great books, and we’re eagerly awaiting the third. But I didn’t know how personable and relatable he’d be. He was super-nice, and talked about being a parent and raising good children. He spoke about giving bad reviews, and why he doesn’t usually give them. Instead, he wants to talk about books he loves.

It was a great night, and we got two extra books signed by him, a copy each of The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear. Join my e-mail list here, and you’ll be entered to win one of the signed books.

A few things: I will not trade or sell your e-mail. Nor will I spam you. I’ll send out e-mails to announce my new book releases and contests, or news about the company.

I’ll announce the winners in about a week!

Board Game Give-Away Winners

UPDATE: The contest is concluded. Thanks for participating, and congrats to the winners!

I’ll post the board game give-away winners here, and update this post as more people are added.

Adventure Kingdom (lightly played, has sticker on box)
Ascension: Return of the Fallen (2011) (lightly played) won by Ana in Argentina!
Battlestar Galactica: Exodus Expansion (2010) (opened but un-punched) won by Cole in Iowa!
Boomtown Tycoon (2013) (lightly played, has sticker on box) won by Ryan in Canada!
Citadels (2000) (heavily played, box shows shelf-wear) won by Evelyn in California!
Colossal Arena (1997) (lightly played)
Cutthroat Caverns (2007) (lightly played) Won by Nilesh in the United Kingdom!
Dead Panic (2013) (lightly played, box dented in corner (purchased that way)) won by Bob in Illinois!
DuCo (2013) (lightly played, don’t have the original box)
Dungeon Roll (2013) (lightly played)
Faux-Cabulary (open, but unpunched)
For The Win (2012) (lightly played)
Forlorn: Hope (2010) (opened, punched, but never played)
Horus Heresy (2010) (new in shrink)
If I’m Going Down… (2012) (lightly played, has sticker on box) won by Olivia in Australia!
Kaijudo (2012) (lightly played)
Legacy: Gears of Time (2012) (lightly played, has sticker on box) won by Greg in Ontario!
The Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game (2013) (lightly played, has sticker on box) won by Tami in Georgia!
Munchkin (2001) (lightly played)
Munchkin Booty (2008) (new in shrink) won by Jordan in Florida!
Relic (2013) (lightly played, comes with card sleeves, has sticker on box) won by Jeff in Idaho!
Revolution! (2009) (lightly played) Won by Arthur in Texas!
ROFL! (2013) (opened but un-punched, has sticker on box)
Samurai Sword (2012) (lightly played) Won by Brynjolfur in Texas!
Star Trek: Catan (2012) (lightly played) won by Melissa in Washington!
Tessen (2013) (lightly played) Won by Emily in Texas!
Things… (2002) (lightly played)
Thunderstone Advance: Towers of Ruin (2012) (lightly played, has sticker on box) Won by Chris in New Jersey!
Thunderstone: Starter Set (2013) (lightly played, has sticker on box) Won by Austin in Texas!
Ticket to Ride: The Card Game (2008) (new in shrink) won by Kyle in Indiana!
Weather Wars: Battle for the Guzunganator (2013) (lightly played, has sticker on box)