Year: 2014

New releases!

New fantasy novel! Blood for Blood: The Vengeance War the complete trilogy collection of Blood for Blood, an epic fantasy adventure. Prince Hakon struggles to bring two warring kingdoms to peace, while fighting an inner battle to live up to

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Self-Pub Reviews! – And They Called Her Spider

And They Called Her Spider is short. Very short. 57 pages short. But I think that is partly why it’s so successful. The characterization is spot on in a very short space. The time it takes other authors to introduce

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Fantasy Jeopardy

I started a new subreddit this week, called r/fantasyjeopardy. In Fantasy Jeopardy, you’re given the answer, and you must ask the question. Whoever has the most upvotes at the end of the week wins! (Right now, you win the respect

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Another personal post

I’ll get back to business, but first:

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Choose your path…

In the vein of the Choose Your Own Adventure series that I read as a child, I wrote up a little story where you make the decisions. You start as a Lion Talker, with your trusty lion at your side.

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Where can I buy Apex Rising?

…from Amazon. …from iBooks. …from Kobo. …from Barnes and Noble. …from Scribd. …from Inktera. Thanks! Can’t wait to see your feedback!

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Fantasy Book Give-Away (e-mail signup required)

Short story: Join my sci-fi/fantasy book e-mail list for a chance to win a free copy of The Name of the Wind, or The Wise Man’s Fear, each signed by Patrick Rothfuss. Here’s the link to join: Long story: I went

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Board Game Give-Away Winners

UPDATE: The contest is concluded. Thanks for participating, and congrats to the winners! I’ll post the board game give-away winners here, and update this post as more people are added. Adventure Kingdom (lightly played, has sticker on box) Ascension: Return of

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Great news!!! (for me)

This is a work blog, I know, but I hope you can forgive me from making a personal announcement: It’s Molly’s and my baby announcement. Don’t worry, I hear babies are great for authors’ productivity. More books for everyone!

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Board Game Give-Away (e-mail signup required)

UPDATE: The contest is concluded. Thanks for participating, and congrats to the winners! UPDATE: I’m posting the winners here. But don’t let that stop you from signing up, there are still more games! Short story: Join my sci-fi/fantasy book e-mail

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