Alchemists, a game of deduction

Deducing alchemicals, one poisonous potion at a time.


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2 comments on “Alchemists, a game of deduction
  1. Alchemists! I LOVE this game! About the only thing I agreed with you was that the game is a brain burner and I wouldn’t want to play it several times in a row!! I love the theme, I love the deduction aspect, I love how interactive the worker placement part of the game is, I love how tight the game is, I love the fact that there are several paths to victory in the game, and I love the fact that you can get better and better at the game the more you play it. Who wants a game where you know everything the first time you play? How boring is that? You should take some time and revisit Alchemists a few more times. I actually think that the game is quite EASY! Yes, I still have to think when I play, but the actual game mechanics are simple. Bottom line, (yes, I know you have a right to your opinion) I think you gave a quality game a poor review based on what sounds like very limited play.

    • Tom says:

      I’m a fan of light games, is the thing. I try heavy games and do enjoy some of them, but if it feels like work to play, that’s when I get discouraged.

      I say that those who enjoy the heavier deduction games will like this one, and a lot of folks find negative reviews helpful as well, so I’m hopeful that this review will help gamers decide for themselves.

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