Apex Rising now on Kickstarter!

For the next 14 days, you can back Apex Rising on Kickstarter. It’s been live for less than 2 hours, and we’re already over $100! (because someone already bought the reward level of choosing a name in my upcoming series, but hey, a victory is a victory)

Please go check it out, and make sure to watch through the end of the video to see Bear the actor dog.

Apex Rising has its own website, too, if you want to read a little more about the world (in Appendix A & B).

Thanks for being awesome!

EDIT: Remember that one time that I said we were over $100? Well, only 4 hours in and we’ve hit 60%. I’m feeling a lot more confident now than I was 5 hours ago. Thanks everyone!


I enjoy writing fantasy and science fiction, and I'm excited to get some more board game video reviews for you.

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