Apocalypse Poll!


Which apocalypse would you choose to live through? Assume you survive into the post-apocalyptic world.



I enjoy writing fantasy and science fiction, and I'm excited to get some more board game video reviews for you.

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2 comments on “Apocalypse Poll!
  1. Dan Jones says:

    If you’re going to post these on here, why don’t you just create them on here as well (there are many WordPress polling plugins)? What’s the benefit to putting them on Goodreads?

    • Tom says:

      Good question, Dan. The benefit of Goodreads is that it’s a social platform where I can send the poll to over 150 people (currently) with about 4 mouse-clicks. The convenience is what makes Goodreads worth it.

      I post them on here for maximum exposure. Some people frequent the blog more than Goodreads, or aren’t even signed up for Goodreads. To take the poll, they’ll have to sign up, of course, which is fine by me. I’ll send more traffic to Goodreads any day.

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