Best Board Game, March Madness Style – White Flannel Trousers Season 2 Episode 4


Hello, listeners! We go head-to-head to find the best board game. It’s another free-form (non-critique) podcast, and it’s a good one. We didn’t mention it in the podcast, but this topic was user-submitted, by Ree Linker.

We bring back a guest from our all-star list, and we have a surprise guest appearance as well.

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I enjoy writing fantasy and science fiction, and I'm excited to get some more board game video reviews for you.

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12 comments on “Best Board Game, March Madness Style – White Flannel Trousers Season 2 Episode 4
  1. Emily Mac says:

    – Molly as the expert guest!
    – Love all the final four games. Great choices.

    Lowlights: I think I’m on team Nabinadi. I love Dominion. A game with a Cat Purse card should always win. 😉

    Favorite quotes:
    -“Even if there wasn’t [another game to play], I’d say no” – Abinadi talking about Settlers of Catan
    -“We’re a family. Side with me.” – Tom to Molly

  2. Ree says:

    * Tom to the Wells brothers: “I know that you keep recording because we keep recording.”
    * Everyone at some point in the podcast: “You’re welcome.”
    * Abinadi: “Touche.” Molly: “Web Designs.”
    * This episode has the highest “How dare you” count of any podcast so far.
    * Molly and Nathalie both make excellent guests.

    * I want the donut, but I don’t own the domains 🙁
    * A new list of games I want to play (and then, inevitably, own).

    Who’s right: Tom got a point for saying that RFTG is better than Dominion, but that point is cancelled out by Abinadi’s point for picking Dominion over DC Deckbuilding Game. So Molly is right.

    * Just to clarify, I think DC Deckbuilder is super fun and I’m quick to pull it out, but it has a MASSIVE luck factor which is absent from Dominion. Overall, I think Dominion is a better built game.
    * We own Agricola, and whenever I play it, it feels like I’m actually spending my days in the fields trying to grow crops and raise animals. If I wanted to experience the life of a feudal serf, I’d build a time machine. Our copy of Agricola: coming soon to a math-trade near you.
    * I like 7 Wonders because I like having to revise my strategy with every single round. There is no easy road to victory.

    Great podcast – my favorite so far, I think.

  3. Molly says:

    I am the winner. You’re welcome!

    Also, you should do this as one of your podcasts:

    Think about it!

  4. Ross says:

    I feel like I kind of remember Tom choosing the best sports based on what he wanted to play most. And then he has the audacity to chastise Molly for doing the same thing. For Shame.

    I haven’t played most of these games, they sound way interesting.

    Highlight: Molly’s cry of pain when Lords of Water Deep was knocked out so early. I usually don’t consider pain a highlight, but the emotion was so real.
    Also- “Empirically speaking, she’s much better.” “You’d think..” “Well, yeah.”

    Lowlight: Tom’s enthusiasm for pointing a guns at people.

    Smash Up sounds great. The mental image of wizard dinosaurs is too good.

    That was some really ominous outro music to queue up while talking about a charity event.

  5. Rachel says:

    Nice cast! I was thinking that you could have paired that other cooperative play game Natalie liked against Pandemic.

    I wish that I’d played more of these games- I love the Euro style games especially. My personal favorite lost early on in your bracket. I can’t get enough of Agricola. Love Ticket to Ride and totally respect Dominion, even though I’ve only played in a couple times and it’s complexity takes some getting used to.

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