Bonus Episode! – White Flannel Trousers Season 2 Episode 13

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I enjoy writing fantasy and science fiction, and I'm excited to get some more board game video reviews for you.

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4 comments on “Bonus Episode! – White Flannel Trousers Season 2 Episode 13
  1. Ree says:

    * “Favorite Things” podcasts are the best.
    * We’re famous now! I’d like to point out that Franklin is really talented in his area of obsession, but I usually lose at board games.
    * Abinadi is on the nose about family food being preferable to “food I made myself.”
    * I remember that BSG game. I accused my husband will all my vigor. Sorry babe.

    * 4 minute intro. I thought my podcast software was on the fritz.
    * Larry Coreia. I’m not sure you guys understand the meaning of the word “realistic.”

    How close are you to 100 listeners? And why didn’t you take Elder Sign with you?

    • Tom says:


      I’m not sure how close we are to 100 listeners. Probably way off. We probably have over 2000. That’s 1900 off.

      I want to play Elder sign with YOU and Molly, not just Molly. Thus, you’ll need to be around when that happens.


    • Abinadi says:

      First, we are spot on about Larry Coreia and being realistic. After all, one must suspend disbelief to enjoy any fantasy. So it is the verisimilitude within the story that must resonate. And that is where Larry Coreia delivers. And how.

      Next, I’ll see about getting a more accurate count of listenership based off of the server logs.

  2. Ree says:

    Play a board game? Twist my arm.

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