Top 10 Best Heroes and Villains – White Flannel Trousers Season 1 Episode 8


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You might care to check out this How It Should Have Ended for our Batman reference.

Also, the article I mentioned talking about TE Lawrence.

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10 comments on “Top 10 Best Heroes and Villains – White Flannel Trousers Season 1 Episode 8
  1. Ree says:

    Entertaining show as always.

    * Abinadi’s full and complete recap of Casablanca
    * Han Solo with the assist. “It’s harder than you think to shoot wombats.”
    * I was listening while driving, and when the closing music came on suddenly I OWNED THE ROAD! Thanks for that feeling.

    * Tom’s small cold heart. Movie redemption is not about undoing all of the bad things you do in your life – like there’s some cosmic scale and you don’t get redemption until you do enough good stuff to tip the balance. Redemption is about a change of heart, proved by a change in actions. Vader only lived like 20 minutes after his change of heart; he did what he could. And, as you can see, he hangs out with the good guys in the afterlife. REDEMPTION ACHIEVED!

    Who is right? You guys pretty much agreed on everything this episode, can I give it to you both?

  2. Candace says:

    First podcast that I listened to on iTunes! Congrats. You have hit the big time boys.
    Tom: “A force of nature is a werewolf howling at the moon…” Made me giggle. *sidenote, see lowlights.*
    Abinadi: “When he looks at you, all he sees is breakfast…” Gross and creepy, but true.
    And, lots of other moments. Good podcast.

    *Despite werewolf comment, Lord Voldemort is a definitely a force of nature.
    Abinadi: “Being scared is fun.” False. Being scared is the worst.

    Shoutouts to characters that did not make the list:
    -Ma-ma in Dredd. The modern version. Lots of disturbing stuff in that movie. Ma-ma is evil through and through, more-so than lots of the characters on this list.
    -The ringleader in Korean movie, “The Man from Nowhere”. The villian is a strait up evil dude. On the other hand, the protagonist in that movie is a bad-a. He could make the hero list. Think of the korean/ninja version of Liam Neeson in Taken…Definitely more of a hero than George Bailey (even though I like it’s a wonderful life).

    That is all.
    And congrats on the office studio!

  3. Liz says:

    I literally took notes as I was listening this time… so here’s my mini breakdown:

    I feel like Rudy was robbed a spot on that hero’s list, as well as Scarlet O’ Hara, I mean, he led the fighting Irish to Victory and Scarlet saved Tara(all while looking fabulous)

    On the villain list I am thinking Scar from Lion King was missing…

    sidenote: it was also difficult for me with this list, I tried to maintain the no book into movie hero/villain aspect…

    I do agree: James Bond is the WORST…

    and I am not surprised that Tom see’s the Grinch as the hero and hate’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” Curmudgeon

    also as a side note, i have always been a fan of “Psycho” and cant wait to see new movie “Hitchcock”…

  4. Ross says:

    Just a few things. I really like the comparison of Han Solo to Michael Scott, hyperbolic as it is. Does that make Luke Dwight? Tom: Luke’s journey from a back-world farmer to a Jedi capable of going toe to toe with Sith lords is a lot more impressive than Solo’s ability to show up at the right time. He might be a much better character and more lovable in general, but he’s definitely not the greater hero.

    I didn’t think there was anyone left in the world that hasn’t seen Casablanca. I wonder if Rick is such a great guy for letting Ilsa go to be with a guy she isn’t in love with. It might be her husband, but he just postponed the inevitable.

    James Bond is great but I agree he is no hero for this list. He’s insubordinate, cocky, womanizing, reckless, and everything that makes an entertaining agent, but the man would get a whole lot of people killed in the real world.

    And I completely agree that Voldemort is a bad movie villain. There isn’t anything to him. He’s semi creepy looking, but the depths of his evil never come through. He’s an angry old man trying to beat up a kid.

    Vader is clearly the greatest villain.

  5. Tom says:

    No, no, no. Vader is un-redeemable. Even if he’d lived a good long life after killing Palpatine, that wouldn’t erase the bad things he did, or restore him in anyway. Nope, he’d be put on trial for war-crimes, and then for crimes against the equivalent of alien humanity.

    Being scared is not fun. Fact.

    I love being a curmudgeon.

    Han was the most heroic. He changed the most. If I want a person living a heroic life, I could choose George Bailey. If I want someone to pull me out of a burning vehicle instead, I choose Han Solo. I prefer Han Solo.

  6. Abinadi says:

    @Tom, are you saying that Han is the most heroic because he changed the most? First of all, that makes no sense. Secondly, is it even true? Luke started as a whiny farm boy and ended as a Jedi knight. Han didn’t even approach that level of change.

  7. Abinadi says:

    @Ross, I agree completely with your point about Star Wars. I disagree with your point about Casablanca.

    The right thing for Rick to do was let Ilsa go. Even though she loved Rick more than she did Laszlo, she was married to Laszlo, and that had to take precedence. It could very well be inevitable that she would end things with Laszlo, but those things should be done in order. The easy thing would have been to keep Ilsa and send Laszlo away. Rick made the right move, no question.

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