The Ideal Caper Crew – White Flannel Trousers Season 1 Episode 10


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I enjoy writing fantasy and science fiction, and I'm excited to get some more board game video reviews for you.

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7 comments on “The Ideal Caper Crew – White Flannel Trousers Season 1 Episode 10
  1. Abinadi says:

    Christopher Dorner should have gone to the A-Team for help instead of taking matters into his own hands. I know I would have.

  2. Ree says:

    * Abinadi: “BAAAAM! Major burn Wells brothers!” Tom: “Major Burn.”
    * Tom: “Really? Because I think of Lex Luthor as a guy who keeps coming up with real estate schemes.”
    * Abinadi’s Buzz Lightyear explosion. X2.
    * Austin’s true randomness hair.

    * Tom’s repeated references to “Adventure Brothers.” That’s “The Venture Brothers,” and I’d take Brock over Beast any day.

    Other missed picks:
    – Hugh Jackman from Swordfish for the hacker.
    – Kevin Spacey from The Usual Suspects for the inside man.

    On the subject of Morgan Freeman:

  3. Stan says:

    Loving the podcast. A couple more suggestions:

    For the hacker: Silva from Skyfall, the new Bond movie
    For the inside man: the T-X from Terminator 3, with the liquid metal, she could be anyone at any time.

    By the way, were you serious on the not knowing who Braniac was? Really? He’s only a major Superman villain.i know Batman is better, but the universes do cross.

    Seriously, got nothin’ but love for ya. Keep it up.

  4. Beast eats Brock for breakfast.

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