With whom would you rather eat lunch, March Madness Style – White Flannel Trousers Season 2 Episode 6


Another March Madness style podcast! This time, which famous person would you want to eat lunch with, living or dead?

I said “amenable” in the podcast, but I meant “amiable”. You’ll hear it in the first three minutes.

Take the poll here.

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4 comments on “With whom would you rather eat lunch, March Madness Style – White Flannel Trousers Season 2 Episode 6
  1. Nord says:

    I can’t comment on Brandon Sanderson because I don’t know who he is but I highly doubt that this high of a ranking is justified. A couple of people I wish would have been included – Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin. The greatest scientist of all time, Isaac Newton, didn’t even make it out of the first round. I give you both props for choosing Obama over Ron Paul, that was unexpected.

  2. Candace says:

    “I don’t know if that’s possible. Bush buuuuumbled…” -T
    “Some people might attribute that to being a psychopath, but some might say that’s the mark of a social genius…” -T
    “Steve Jobs would be a jerk, almost guaranteed” “Total tool” -A
    Tom wanting Bill Clinton’s charisma.
    “I’ll take a puddin’ pop” -A
    “If you are racist, I will attack you with the north.” -T/A
    “His greatness overcame the germs.”-A
    “I would go with Winfrey, and talk about Will Smith”-A
    “Haven’t you, Tom? Haven’t you?”-A
    I feel like Abinadi was on the verge of laughing a good portion of the time.

    I really liked this podcast. Also surprised how far Sanderson got. But no lowlights. I wasn’t rooting for one person in particular to win, so I was accepting of all the people and explanations of said people.

  3. Dan Jones says:

    I’m sorry to say that you both failed this one. Bill Cosby would be the best of all of these people to have lunch with.

    But I agree that Steve Jobs probably would be a jerk.

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