Our new podcast, White Flannel Trousers

Dan Wells, and his brother Rob, started a new podcast, and it’s awesome. Listen to it here.

Abinadi and I decided to start our own podcast, and the premise is: A critique of Dan Wells’ podcast.

I expect to post our inaugural episode very soon, so be looking for it in the next blog post.

Also, please go ahead and take this poll, it’s for science: (and please ‘like’ it, and comment, so more people will see it and take it, thanks!)


What is the all-time best comic book movie? Defend your answer in the comments, or it doesn’t count.
Also, if you don’t see your favorite listed, write it in the text box below that’s labeled, “Your choice”.



I enjoy writing fantasy and science fiction, and I'm excited to get some more board game video reviews for you.

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