Self-Pub Reviews! – And They Called Her Spider

And They Called Her Spider is short. Very short. 57 pages short.

But I think that is partly why it’s so successful. The characterization is spot on in a very short space. The time it takes other authors to introduce their characters instead encompasses the entire plot of this novella.

It’s a mystery steampunk, in which you cannot possibly solve the mystery, so you sit back to watch the story unfold. If you’re in to understanding clues and putting the pieces together, this might not be the book for you. If you’re in to steampunk, then you’ll probably enjoy this book. And if you just like well-written stories, give this book a try.

I only found one typo, and the author was very gracious when I messaged him about it, so I bet it’s already fixed.

And the story is currently free on Amazon, to boot.

5 stars. Thanks for the fun read, Michael Coorlim.


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