The Top 20 Songs of the 90′s – White Flannel Trousers Season 1 Episode 6

Make sure to check out Dan and Rob’s episode here, and then come back for our critique.

Our outro music is by Nord Anderson, of Haun’s Mill.

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Also, Nord mentioned a video to check out, A Whole New World.

P.S. I said Destiny’s Child’s Jumpin Jumpin was a 90s song, but it came out in 2000. My bad.


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10 comments on “The Top 20 Songs of the 90′s – White Flannel Trousers Season 1 Episode 6
  1. Liz says:

    My feedback over this list/discussion:

    -I can’t ever trust Abinadi’s music taste after saying how amazing he thinks that horrible Nikki Manaj is…

    -Tom’s passion for Mariah’s voice had me consistently laughing… and YES Britney is back and better then ever!

    -I think U2 topping the list was a great choice… and after Nirvana got big I totally rocked a flannel shirt around my waist constantly…

    -And as a young girl (and adult woman) I listen to Jagged Little Pill whenever a man has done something wrong

    -Finally at 25 years old I STILL know every single word to “Gangasta’s Paradise” (Little known fact my first CD ever was Coolio’s, Gangsta’s Paradise)

    -Song i feel was extremely over looked/forgotten was- Ace of Base “The Sign”


  2. Nord says:

    I failed to mention the Henry Rollins statement was directed towards U2 and his disdain for their music. A few other songs that should have made the list – Blind Melon’s “No Rain”, Bjork’s “Isobel”, Butthole Surfers “Pepper”, Cranberries “Dreams”, Filter “Nice Shot, Man”, anything Rage Against the Machine. Abinadi is right, Bush and Nirvana should never be mentioned in the same sentence, except this one for demonstration purposes only.

  3. Abinadi says:

    @Liz, good call on Ace of Base. Bad call on Nikki Minaj.

    @Nord, I love Pepper by Butthole Surfers. That song is so awesome. I can’t believe it wasn’t in there. I also agree on the Blind Melon.

    Another song that I loved in the 90’s: Popular by Nada Surf.

  4. Ethan says:

    So glad Nord mentioned Elliott Smith! I’m a bit obsessed with Elliott. I would put almost all of Elliott’s 140 songs above every other song mentioned except “Smells like teen spirit” 🙂

  5. Molly says:

    @Liz-I also loved and still love Ace of Base “The Sign”, good call on that!

    @Abinadi and Nord, bad call on making me read Butthole Surfers twice and then having to type it out. What a terrible name.

    @ the podcast- I to enjoy Britney Spears’ music, it is fun to dance to but will agree that she cannot sing. Her songs are just catchy and I appreciate that about songs. Loved the debates that happene.

    Highlight: all the fighting and name-calling because people have different opinions.

    Lowlight: Nikki Manaj?!? She sounds funny when she sings/raps or whatever it is called.

  6. Ree says:

    * “Is it because she’s Canadian?”
    * Nord singing “Nothing Compares to You” sotto voce.
    * “I don’t know how to discredit Tom more than just letting him take the mic.”

    * The audio. Why did you make Abinadi wear a ski mask and sit in the other room?
    * Tom is wrong about everything.

    Who’s right? Nord is.

    I had a very different 90’s than you guys (possibly due to the fact that I’m a decade or so older). While you were listening to Brittany Spears, Mariah Carey, and *shudder* the Backstreet Boys, I was listening to Jane’s Addiction, Cake, and the Beastie Boys. I think I win and you lose.

  7. Abinadi says:

    @Molly, I agree that Butthole Surfers is a terrible name. But the song is still awesome.

    @Ree, We listened to Cake, Jane’s Addiction, and Beastie Boys, too. We did mention Beastie Boys, but were remiss on failing to mention the other two. Maybe we all win. Think about it.

  8. Ross says:

    Blink 182 never got mentioned at all through any of this and that is a travesty. Dude Ranch and Enema of the State were defining albums of my late 90’s and any serious discussion of 90’s music is incomplete without them.

    Bush is not good and anyone that says different is objectively wrong.

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